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Wiremo Enterprise allows your enterprise to have access to complex payments, recurring transactions and mass invoicing


Billing & Invoicing

Send your customers customized invoicing via e-mail, SMS, or messenger platforms.

ERP Integration

Wiremo specializes in what we could call “complex transactions” which are common for large enterprises that use ERP systems like SAP and Oracle, where a simple API based solution simply isnot sufficient. SAP integrated invoicing can help for the billing for monthly amortization payments, reservation and booking payments, and property dues collections.

Cross-border Settlements Platform

Many of Wiremo’s clients require cross-border settlements. Wiremo provides the same invoicing systems (SAP, Xero, or QuickBooks integrated) already available for regular clients. These invoicing systems are then integrated to the APIs of international remittance channel partners. These remittance channels handle the entire transactions flow, from clearing to settlement. Wiremo’s invoicing system records all data and updates transactions in real time.

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